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Founded in 2013, Shenzhen Poweroak Technology Co. Ltd. has been focused on continuous R&D and innovation of distributed energy storage product and technology of micro-grid. We applied patents on the international advanced battery storage technology for new energy and provide the total scheme for application of energy storage battery each year. Besides, Poweroak is the global leader in the Integration of Solar Photovoltaic Generation with Battery Storage, the On/Off-Grid Bidirectional Inverters, the Intelligent Energy Management System Based on Internet, and etc. We serve customers with our complete sets of Project Design, R & D, Manufacture, Sales and After-sales of the Residential / Commercial photovoltaic energy storage system, and the Portable energy storage or the DC energy storage schemes…

The main core components of our Portable Solar Power Station products: hardware, software, BMS, structure, ID, etc., are independently developed and produced by our company.

Strong R & D team, independent R & D and production of main parts, to control product quality from the source.

Yes, but there is a minimum order quantity required.

Most of our Portable Solar Power Station products have acquired CE, FCC, UL and PSE certificates, which is able to satisfy most country’s importing requirements.


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Professional Power Station Manufacturer,

15 years experience of OEM/ODM.

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I really enjoy working with PowerOak. The spirits of door to door made me as if we are the one. The quality of their products and the overall customer services are always satisfied, which gave me non-consideration. PowerOak is, and will be the long-term supplier of us.

Ishita Malhotra

Purchasing Manager, WeServe LLC.


We have a good sensational experience received from PowerOak. Good quality in products, good patience in service, timely shipment date, every step leave me nothing to worried. We look forward to continue working with PowerOak.

Kylo James

purchasing manager, Anker