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May 12, 2021

Bluetti AC50S power station review: Perfect for power cuts

Bluetti AC50S power station 01

Wow, I am impressed with the Bluetti AC50S power station. It has everything you need to keep you going when the power goes out at home, or in your office.

The AC50S is small and compact — but it certainly can deliver the goods when you need to power a device. Its dimensions are 11.6 x 7.5 x 7.7 inches and it weighs 13.6 pounds.

It has a high capacity 500Wh battery which can charge your smartphone 36 times and keep your other devices running for several hours. The battery has a multitude of charging options to charge a variety of devices including a 60W CPAP device for over 6 hours.

Bluetti AC50S power station 02

In the box there is an AC adapter and cable, a cigarette lighter cable which connects to a DC7909 connector, an MC4 cable which connects to a DC7909 connector, and a USB type-C cable. There is a user manual and warranty card in the box, and a cable to connect to a solar panel array.

Charge the Bluetti AC50S by plugging it into a solar panel array, such as the Bluetti SP120 solar panel, or by fully charging it using mains power.

You can also plug it into the car to charge it when you are driving. A 12V car battery will charge the AC50S in seven hours, and a 24V car battery will charge it in 3.5 hours.

Bluetti AC50S power station 03

You can power either DC or AC items by powering on the AC50S and long pressing the correct power switch. There are two AC out plugs so you can plug in your broadband router and your laptop to keep working if the power goes down.

The DC out ports include two 12V/3A sockets and a 12V/10A lockable port. When the cigarette lighter cable is plugged into the port, it can be locked in place by twisting it quarter of a turn.

Other DC ports include two 5V/3A USB type A ports and two USB type A ports. There is also a PD45W USB type C port to deliver power and full speed charging to USB notebooks such as Macbooks.

On the back of the charger, in addition to the input port there is a light. This gives a really bright light, a dimmer light, or the light will flash SOS in Morse code – very useful for emergency situations.

Bluetti AC50S power station 04

On top of the charger there is a 10W wireless charging area for your phone. The handles fold neatly into the top of the charger when they are not in use.

There is only one downside to the power station for me. The cables are neatly packed in a box — but there is no carrying pouch to store the cables alongside the AC50S.

This is a pain if you have prepped an array of just-in-case cables to store alongside the power station, and would have been invaluable to just grab the box and cable carry-bag in an emergency.

Bluetti AC50S power station 05

However this is a small addition which would keep the supplied cables together, and enhance the perception of a power station as a premium device.

I love the Bluetti AC50S’ compact form factor and wireless charging pad. The emergency light has saved me searching for a torch during a power outage, and helped me connect my devices to minimise my downtime and keep me online.

It is certainly worth adding to your outdoor or emergency check list.


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