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May 4, 2021

Bluetti EP500 Portable Power Station: Massive 5100Wh Bluetti is Unveiled on Kickstarter

Bluetti has finally unveiled its next incredible portable power station.

Called Bluetti EP500 portable power station, it is a heavy-duty 5100-watt-hour solar back-up system with a number of awesome features. It can power up an entire household and all your necessary appliances in an off-grid situation.

The massive product is released on Kickstarter for crowdfunding. The campaign will last for 60 days and it is a great chance for you to get a huge home backup power station with amazing portability and solar charging attributes.

Update: Bluetti EP500 Goes Online on Kickstarter. Super Early Bird Price Starts at $2799. Rush Up to Pre-Order Your Unit Before the Limited Stock is Over.

The new Bluetti power station has got two variants.

The base model of Bluetti EP500 is a 2000-watt machine with a long-lasting and powerful 5100Wh LiFePO4 battery pack. It features a surge power of 4000 watts to run most of your necessary household appliances.

The pro model EP500 Pro is a 3000W variant with a peak of 6000 watts, but it also has the same LifePO4 battery. Of course, you get the Bluetti power stations with a host of lovely features, including scalability, fast charging, remote monitoring, and more.


Being a high-capacity power station, Bluetti EP500 can be an ideal solution to power up a complete household, an entire outdoor party, family camping trips, and more. The device can indeed offer long runtimes for most of your AC appliances and other gadgets.

Design-wise, both EP500 and EP500 Pro are very minimalistic and stylish. They look like Tesla’s first-gen Powerwall. By the way, thanks to their four built-in durable and solid transport wheels, you can easily carry the power stations anywhere on your trips.

There are a lot of special things with the new Bluetti power stations. Scalability is indeed one of the finest things to have a look at.

Well, you can pair two units of each variant of EP500 for double power via a much-touted fusion terminal. Thus, two EP500s combined can offer an output of 4000W at 240V, and two EP500 Pros can deliver 6000W at 240V. Obviously, you get double storage, as well.


As you know, EP500 and EP500 Pro are two variants of the new Bluetti power station. As their names speak, the first one is a base model, while the second one is a more powerful pro model. Both have the same battery packs, charging points, form factor, and more.

But they notably have two inverters. Of course, inverter power is a vital factor regarding a solar power station or solar generator. The first one, as said above, is a 2000W base model with a surge of 4800 watts.

Meanwhile, the pro variant is a 3000W machine that can surge at a higher 6000 watts. The difference between the devices is quite visible from the specs. Evidently, if you have to run more powerful electronics, go with a unit of EP500 Pro.

With two variants, you get a chance to meet more of your requirements. The top variant is certainly a superb pick as a home or office power backup system. Coupled with a reliable and strong solar array, it can virtually replace the grid connectivity during a blackout.


  1. Unique Expandability Feature
    One of the major selling points of Bluetti EP500 is its unique scalability. The company has joined the fray of the recent series of modular power stations in style. It features a fusion panel terminal board to let you double the power of each model in a fine way.

You can use the facility to pair two units of both variants of Bluetti EP500. Thus, you can get a huge 240V/4000W power station out of two EP500s. The same is possible with two EP500 Pros as you get a 240V/6000W power station.

Apparently, it helps you make the power stations smoothly run all heavy-duty appliances like room heaters, air conditioners, electric stoves, cloth dryers, and more.

  1. Versatile Charging Options
    The new Bluetti EP500 series highlights all the possible charging options to make sure you don’t get stranded.

For charging from a wall socket, the devices don’t need big bricks. They integrate built-in adapters so you can use the included charging cables, and the charging speed depends on the amps and voltage of the outlet.

Solar is another important option. Both the devices sport highly efficient MPPT charge controllers for quick charging.

The solar input of EP500 has a capacity of up to 1200 watts, while its pro variant has 2400 watts. With enough solar output, you can charge them in 2.6 hours and 4.75 hours respectively.

By the way, you can charge the power station from AC and solar sources at the same time. Thus, you can attain a maximum of 4000 watts input for rather faster charging.

Meanwhile, charging from two AC outlets is also possible. In this case, you can use one included AC cable and one Bluetti T500 AC adapter.

Finally, EP500 Pro also features an option for charging from lead-acid batteries. This is a very much useful method in emergency situations like fire, flood, and natural calamity.

  1. Versatile Charging Sockets
    The new Bluetti power stations come up with versatile charging options. They are a total of 15 different charging options to support a variety of your appliances and devices. To begin with, they integrate four 120V AC sockets.

In addition, they equip a 12V cigarette lighter charger, a 100W USB-C PD port, four USB-A outlets, two 12V/10A DC sockets, a 30A RV plug, and two 15V wireless chargers.

  1. Uninterruptible Power Supply
    With its huge capacity, you can deploy EP500 or EP500 Pro as an unlimited backup supply in your home or office. For this purpose, the brand has designed EP500 in a way you can divide its UPS function into two modes.

In the first flexible UPS mode, you can use it as a plug-and-play, no-installation mobile backup solution. In this case, you can place the device anywhere in your household.

Meanwhile, in the second fixed UPS mode, you can connect it to your grid’s mainboard with the help of the brand’s UPS Box. It will ensure a more reliable supply, and you can also separate the power availability for necessary and non-necessary equipment.

  1. Full Control Via Mobile App
    Of course, the new Bluetti power station comes with a perfect mobile app.

You can take full control of the devices, including monitoring and optimizing power usage on the mobile app from anywhere, anytime. In addition, you will be able to update its system firmware via Wi-Fi directly.


Bluetti EP500 is indeed a serious threat to the earlier heavy power stations like Titan solar generator and Goal Zero Yeti 6000X. It is not only because the new Bluettis are two large-capacity power stations, but also they enjoy amazing expandability capabilities along with a range of other impressive features.

Paired together, two units of the Bluetti power stations are perfect sources of portable power to run your bigger appliances like a dryer, high-power tools, electric room heaters, ovens, and more. Long-hour blackouts will never make you in trouble with the Bluetti EP500 or EP500 Pro solar-based power stations.


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