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200Wh/120W Portable Power Station - AC20

This 200wH portable solar generator from PowerOak is designed for super portable backup or emergency power. It comes with 200wH of backup power which is great for charging up your smart phones, laptops, tablets, drones, CPAP Machine etc because it only weighs 7.6 lbs!

This makes this one of the lightest and most portable solar generators on the market. It has a powerful 120 watt inverter which means its not designed for big electronics but rather to recharge your essentials while camping or hiking.

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Table of Contents


This Portable Power Generator is Designed for Small Appliance (below 120W,max. 100W laptop) Power Needs for example When you are Away from a AC Wall Outlet or in trouble of unexpected blackout or power outage.

Its compact size and appropriate capacity make it an ideal power companion for traveler and adventure who loves outdoor activities and need plenty of power to complete their photography and Creation. Charge your devices whenever when you need more power, keep you smartphone, tablet, camera, drone, laptop charged simultaneous.

Pure sine wave. It features with one US standard AC110V outlet. It can power max. capacity:125W≤Load<150W@10S; 150W≤Load<180W@5s; 180W≤Load<[email protected] built in pure sine wave inverter, its stable electricity is more safer to charge our devices like laptop, CPAP, camera, drone, and more.

We built in MPPT inverter-it can automatic tracking to adapt to the max. charging power of solar panels, effectively improve the charging efficiency of PV solar panels, shorten the charging time of solar panels) Tips: pls choose the compatible solar panel with OCV:14-40v,max.60W.

We use Top brand Samsung Auto-level 3C rated battery cell, and built in multi-protection BMS module to ensure it is stable performance, higher quality, lower heat, higher discharge efficiency, longer life cycle. Your safety, our concern.

It will charge automatically after AC20 plug in the AC wall need manually press the power button, it is more convenient. You can monitor the power charging status on the LCD screen.

The LCD screen shows the power situation intuitively. Three buttons control the switch-on/off of AC/DC equipment to reduce power consumption. backlight will be turned off automatically when the product remains idle for a period of time(15s).so it will not affect sleeping.

Technical Specification



Q: What devices can PowerOak Bluetti AC20 power?
A: It can only charge small devices less than 120W, laptop MAX.100W. The AC20 will show error code(E*) on the LCD screen if your device exceed max.120W. Please refer to your device specification before purchase.

Q: What is battery cell used in AC20?
A: Built in High Quality Samsung Polymer Lithium-ion Battery Cell.It is Automotive-level Battery Cell, more stable, higher safety, higher discharge rate, low heat.

Q: What is the life span of this AC20?
A: longer cycle life 1000+.

Q: What solar panel should I use for this AC20?
A: Solar panel must meets: 1) OCV(open circuit voltage): DC14-40V max.60W; 2) MC4 Connector.

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